Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a Glion Electric Scooter through a retail dealer?
We are developing retail dealer network right now, check our web page for local dealers.


How much does Glion Electric Scooter weigh?
The Glion Electric Scooter weighs in at a lean 26 lbs. (12 kg) with the battery installed. The battery and electric motor account for more than half its weight.


What is the weight capacity of Glion Electric Scooter?
The Glion Electric Scooter has a weight capacity of approximately 255 lbs., making it an ideal commuting tool for a wide variety of commuters.


How fast does Glion Electric Scooter go?
The Glion Electric Scooter’s speed is fully variable, from a crawling pace to a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h), the maximum allowable speed for electric personal assistive mobility devices in most jurisdictions.


How far can Glion Electric Scooter travel on a charge?
The Glion Electric Scooter can travel approximately 15 miles (25 km) per charge, depending on use and load.


How long is the Glion Electric Scooter battery life?
The Glion Electric Scooter battery uses Samsung lithium-ion battery cells. The battery can be charged more than 1000 times, so it should be good for three to five years under normal usage.


How do you recharge the scooter?
Our scooter can be charged conveniently using regular wall outlets via the included external charger and fully recharges in approximately 3.5 hours. The charger can take 110-240V, just like most popular consumer electronics.


What is the warranty on the scooter?
We provides a one year limited warranty on the product including battery. Our goal is to create a product that can deliver 100% satisfaction from our customers and we will honor any concerns and issues that arise with our product.